Case Studies

Case Study

Ruby: How Brands Can Break Out in Retail

Noah Wunsch, Founder and CEO at Ruby, shares his playbook for breaking through to retail customers and why his team is investing heavily in brand marketing and storytelling.

Levitate Foundry

Deep Dive

Levitate Foundry: How to Optimize Mobile Checkout

Steph Liu, the Founder & CEO of Levitate Foundry, shares advice on how brands should respond to iOS updates, prioritize retention and replenishment, and upgrade their store’s checkout flows.

Aura Bora 2

Case Study

Aura Bora: Creating Branded Moments from QR Codes

Paul Voge, co-founder and CEO at Aura Bora, shares how he uses Batch to connect DTC and physical retail channels, test new flavor SKUs, and engage with customers across omnichannel.

RISE Unfurl

Case Study

RISE Brewing Co: Deploying QR Codes to Bridge Retail and DTC

Jarret McGovern, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at RISE Brewing Co., shares how he uses Batch to engage customers, improve demand forecasting, and simplify the journey to customer loyalty.

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Deep Dive

Sonoma Brands: Advice for Brands Launching into Retail

Brian Nicholson, Managing Director at Sonoma Brands, shares his tips on how brands should approach retail expansion, connect online and offline channels, and experiment with QR codes.

First Person x Batch

Case Study

First Person: Adding Shoppable QR Codes for New Products

First Person onboarded with Batch to roll out QR codes in both physical retail and product unboxing use cases. By deploying Batch Tags, First Person optimized customer repurchase opportunities across the board.

Batch x Noonbrew.

Case Study

NoonBrew: Boosting Repeat Purchases with Batch

NoonBrew leveraged Batch Tags to drive dynamic content across email campaigns, post-purchase reminders, and retail packaging. Using Batch, Noonbrew was able to directly increase returning customer rate and net repeat orders.

Case Study

Curie: Capturing New Users at the Point of Discovery

Curie turned to Batch to roll out QR codes across its packaging and bridge on and offline audiences. With Batch Tags, Curie increased conversion, AOV, and LTV.